Hair challenge #1

hey guys! So I have extremely damages frizzy curly short hair. Yup it’s as terrible as it sounds. My hair is reasonable soft but that is the only perk trust me. So I’ve done a million things to help my hair but I’ve decided consistency is the key. So I’m going on a one month challenge where I do all the things that have worked for me on a regular basis and see what happens! I’ll update my routines regularly too!


hair growth(thickness and length)

hair shine

hair sofnezs

frizz repair

So day 1:

I fist trimmed my hair a bit then put an avocado hair mask with one whole avocado, one egg and Amla oil with part almond and part henna. I let it sit on my hair for about 20-30min. Afterwards I washed it off with my well-trusted loreal sulfate free thickening shampoo. Sulfate is awful for frizzy hair so this amino based sulfate free shampoo with rosemary that boosts hair growth is sure to do the trick for u. Then I slightly using an old cotton T shirt pat the top of my hair to absorb away the water and let the rest of my hair air dry. Using towel and rubbing your hair will cause breakage and damage to your ends and you don’t want that do you. After my hair is  dry I warmed Argan oil between my fingers and ran it through the ends of my hair as a form of moisturizer and sun protection. I don’t apply too much as I don’t want my hair to be greasy and I avoid putting it on my scalp as it gets onto my face on days if my doing something that makes me perspire.

*another key tip is to massage ur hair every night. I do the inversion method before bed for one week of a month. U basically you lay down on your bed then let you head down (off the bed) so that your heart is above your head then you massage your head to allow blood circulation. Also brush your hair often. Avoid brushing when wet but for frizzy hair like mine oil your ends before you brush your hair if not it’s gonna become a fizzy mess*

Thats all for today! Hope you liked it! I’ll get back with my daily report tomorrow or so❤️❤️❤️Love you my earthlings haha comment down if you have any questions 🙂 byeeeeee

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