My dreams are a mere fantasy

Hey guys! So I have something i’d like to say. It about dreams. We all have it. I don’t mean the ones that your drift away into as you shut your eyes. I mean the one’s that build who your are crafted by your interests and desires. A goal that seems so far but you can see other grab it before you even have time to blink.

I’ve had tonnes of dreams. I wanted to become a singer now but after my mum said that I will rot away with people gossiping about me I completely tore that dream about never to rise to the surface. So my reasonably ok voice is now a home to a family of frogs. Anyways dreams shatter quite easily actually. But only if you let it. Now that im older and more aware of what my decisions. I am taking a huge risk. I’m 14, I hear news of famous 14 year old with remarkable talents but im merely a girl who goes to school and crams all her homework 12 pm in the night after wasting her time watching anime. What are my dreams ? What are your dreams?


Its so easy to say “I like this” and “I wanna become this when I grow up” but what really does your heart want? Time is not always gonna tell your and direct you to your true passion. God isn’t going to craft the path to your future. God is simply going to hint you a million times and if you realise it then you are headed for your actual dreams. If you avoid it and have a narrow mind you may end up doing what the society wants of you rather than what your heart wants. That is completely fine actually. As long as you have money to supply for the family and are happy with your work it’s completely alright.

However, I strongly believe in finding my “perfect passion” not necessarily what I’m good at. I think I have mentioned this before but considering most of my life I have been dwelling and hanging onto visual art, I avoided any other form of talent/skills. But as I’m starting to have an open mind, I realise that music is my everything. It saved me at my toughest time. It feels so right to say I love music.

But yet, I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed of telling people I love music because the obvious next question is “what instrument do you play? Do you sing?” And honestly I have no reply because I know loving it is not enough I need to learn more I need to grow my passion and my talent. So I set a goal by starting off learning one of my favorite instruments ever, an instrument that decided the idea of “music is my everything”. The piano. I am striving to improve my basis of musical knowledge slowly improving. I don’t know what career I want. But I know that at this moment I have to improve. I’m not gonna look far ahead. I’m going to look at this very moment wishing I was better pouring my feelings and my love for the melody that soothes my soul. The songs that hum me to sleep.the only thing that leaves my mind at rest. My mind that is filled with pain, agony,depression, anger, hatred and fear. Music is my dream. It is what my heart has chosen over my mind. It is what urges me to take risks for I know that starting late means I have a million people to pass before I reach any closer to being who I want to be. It means that I am even competing with people who can play the piano at grade 5 because their parents forces them to take it when they have no interest at all. It is a risk that I take going against my parents who only desire for me to become an architect. This is what my heart chose….

So tell me? What does your heart desire?

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