Moisture sins

I have been telling myself to moisturize ALL THE TIME but I always forget or get caught up with work and avoid it. In come cases I’m simply lazy. Anyways the point is I’m gg be a rough skinned lizard if this continues haha. Personally I love the idea of moisturizing and find that it’s probably the most important thing in my beauty routine. And no, I don’t mean only the face. Neck, hands and legs included too. It takes a billion tries to find that perfect moisturizer for your face but It’s not that hard for your body actually.

As I only started realising the importance of skincare last year and only realised the whole body counts this year, I have been searching for the perfect moisturizer to solve my terrible feet situation. The balls of my feet are slightly hard due to pressure given when walking. Hence, I have been using this brand “aqurea” and I can really feel a difference. It’s a body moisturizer but I feel that it’s a bit heavy on my skin so I usually apply it a night before bed.

I also use Vaseline hand cream with keratin that really helps for soft smoothie healthy hands and nails.

Also remember, moisturizing isn’t only for your skin it can be for your hair as well. Yup, you read that right , hair moisturizer. I mean oils. You can use almond , Argan, olive anything but try to retain moisture in your hand strands. Having tried olive(greasy) coconut (greasy and smelly) and amla(not bad but greasy took eloped with thickness though), I have finally found an amazing non-greasy, light oil Argan oil of Moroccono that immediately softened my hair and tamed my frizz. Having a frizz problem is a huge issue for me and this seems to be the best moisturizer. You can use it 30min-1h before you shower for Deep conditioning or you can apply a drop or 2 and rub it between your palms then run It across your hair for sun protection. I haven’t really tried but I also heard that it’s a good heat protectant so you can use it before straightening or curling your hair. The steps are to simply apply the oil on your hair straighten then reapply a bit more to seal In moisture. After all, isn’t healthy locks of hair every girl’s dream 😁.

As for body moisturizer I can’t really pick a certain favorite I just use whatever is near me honestly. I generally use st. Ives as it has natural ingredients but I occasionally use Nivea too.

Thats all for today ! Hope that helps 😁 Hehe! Have a nice day guys 😘 Bye



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