Hey guys! As many of you pretty ladies may know, skin is the worst nightmare ever. Ever feel jealous of the girl walking past you with dewy shining bright youthful skin? Well, I’ve had a terrifying skin struggle and after experimenting Many and I mean many products I’ve come to come skincare favorites and tips!

firstly lets talk about general skincare must haves…

1)water/oil cleanser

2)foam/gel cleanser






8)natural oil(Argan,olive,coconut,grapes red,vitamin E)

9)masks! (Sheet mask, clay mask, natural homemade mask)

Ever heard of the Korean skin care routine?  Honestly, it’s no joke. I have major combination skin where my t-zone is and oily disaster and my cheeks are as dry as the Sahara desert. Now, my t-zone is nice and soft/dewy while my cheeks are dotted with red bumps of horror!!! So I decided to a give a go at Korean skincare cuz why not am I right 😝. I wasn’t really wise at choosing my products as I tot it didn’t matter but IT DOES!!! Research a lot and check millions of reviews about the product and if it suits your skin type. With my skin and improper care some products have caused me a major pimple problem while others are the reason to my massive under eye wrinkles that I’m still striving to  get rid of. Anyways lets get to the point ! My routine :


Firstly I thoroughly wash all the oil build up overnight with water and use a foam cleanser in circular motion washing away the dirt and impurities. (If it feels extremely oily I’ll use double cleansing method)  I’m currently using Nivea pore minimizing whitening foam but I usually use a more gel-based himalaya honey-lemon face wash which I ran out of. It honestly helps me with my excess oil and its paraben free!  I apply toner with a cotton sheet and end of by putting moisturizer and sunblock. I apply moisturizer allow it to absorb then put sunblock to avoid heat damage.


as I have more time and am not rushing to school, I do the double clense method. It is basically as the name states cleansing twice, once, with an oil/water clenser (I prefer water due to my oily cheeks) and after which with a foam or gel clenser. Afterwards, apply toner and then use sheet masks or pores strips or clay masks or homemade masks (comment if you would like a post about some masks I use ) I would either take a short nap or watch dramas while doing this process but after while I’ll rinse my face and apply eye cream and moisturizer. In some occasions, like once a week(whenever I remember) I use natural oils and do a facial massage to promote blood circulation for glowing healthy skin.


Night being the time when the skin repairs itself, I simply stick to a moisturizer. As I do not use make-up, I dont really do much heavy cleansing as I don’t want to over dry my ski. Hence I dash with a gentle clenser and apply toner and night cream to sleep, allowing nature to take its course haha.

If my skin is feeling a bit dry I will skip washing my face with soap in the afternoon and stick to morning and night. I also exfoliate using st Ives apricot scrub 3 times a week. Remember moisturizer is the key to flawless skin!

The products I’m currently using are neutrogena ance clenser, himalaya honey-lemon face wash, st. Ives moisturizer (still searching for “the one” but so far this was the only moisturizer my skin didn’t react negatively to) and white-seed toner by the face shop which I am loving.

I recently ordered a bunch of Korean based skin-care products that I am so excited to get!!! If you guys like I can do a review sections. Thanks and I hope this is useful! But remember research about your skin type and what products to use before starting your skin care regime. The products are key to your skin! Try to opt for more natural means that I’m trying to switch to and less chemical intensive products! Bye!


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