The theorist and the artist

“because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest”

“I’m afraid if I let go you’ll fly away and shatter like a butterfly”

So I’m dedicating this post to full on BANGTAN… Haha so spring day is coming out in a few days(13/2/17 00:00kst) and I can’t wait BAHAHAHAHAHAHA but being our army selves we are flooded with theories so I’m gonna start a monthly or whenever I feel like it-ly (haha) post dedicated to my theories and yuppie! Haha but be sure to check out spring day GO bighit channel on YouTube and subscribe muahahha (not advertising myself don’t worry) if you don’t know them I think you should try checking them out… I’m not crazy over Bts cuz I’m some girly kpop fan, they changed me and helped me cross a huge painful face of my life by simply their voices along coming through a metallic strip (phone). So anyways I really love them and support them and want to spread the news that a new vid is coming up  and we should all work together to rise up the views faster than anytime ever! Let’s top the charts ya’ll! Hehe That about it! Await me theories 😎 Byeeeee ❤️(And if your an army tell me who your bias and what song got you into BANGTAN/fav song)

check out “spring day teaser!”

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