Loosing those extra pounds

so every girl’s dream is to have the perfect body but sometimes these things seem impossible so here are some ways you can stop your temptations and lead a healthy lifestyle!

1)exercise -the most basic and essential thing there is… I know a lot of us neglect this and so did I. Honestly I lost up to8kg in 2 months by pure dieting itself but once I let myself slide off my fixed diet a while I started to gain the pounds back and it seemed worse. Diet seems to be the best way to lose weight but once you have achieved your desired weight you are bound to gain it back and exercise will help you. Try to start off by a simple 1km run per day. Slowly progress into more intense and calorie burning exercising and see those numbers go down tremendously on the scale. The best option would be to start a sport you enjoy even if it’s dancing engage in it and DONT GIVE UP! and also, not only does exercise help in weight loss but also assists with complexion and hair growth as it promotes blood circulation. It also leaves you energized and eases your mindπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

2)just like exercise food is essential too! But losing weight need not mean eating less. Personally I was a person who ate a lot of meat. I was not much of a carbs or sugar person but meat made my mouth water and being young and blind to the dangers of over eating I put on weight and was heavy. I also was addicted to this drink:peach tea. So these too being my worse factors I started to limit myself. I stopped peach tea completely and replaced it with water or green tea! Resist your temptations and eat slowly ! A way to resist temptations is opting for healthier choices like celery or carrots instead of chips for the crunch and also try adding chia seeds to your water it keeps you full longer. Also, if your goal is to lose weight then reduce your calorie intake by500 and try to keep a journal to track your progress!

3)NO EATING AFTER 6! The most important rule of all ! Your body needs Atleast 5h to digest the food before bed.

4)be active. Sitting is the main reasons for putting on weight. So if you wish to shed any kg at all walk about throw your own lower wash your own plates. Ask your mum in ways you can help out to clean the house. Take the stairs. Get down few stops ahead and walk home! These small unnoticeable adjustments to your lifestyle might be uncomfortable at first but will help you with your body in the long run.

5)stay healthy. Rather than aiming to lose weight and be beautiful think of staying fit and healthy not only will this allow you to lose weight faster you can also maintain your gorgeous figure! Remember overly stressing and lacking enough sleep may hinder you’re weight loss dreams so stay positive and accept yourself. Also, some people have greater bone mass or muscle mass so stop judging your ideal weight based off the scale and appreciate the wonderful SHAPE OF YOU(curent song obsession hehe) !

6)add honey and lemon to warm water in the mornings and drink. It is a traditional method to lose off belly fats

7)do full body workouts regularly and aim for 3 days of strength training per week. Hit the gym or try some yoga. Yoga not only aids you with weight loss but flexibility,relaxation and health as well

8)and most improved NEVER GIVE UP its never too late to get started and nothing will change tomorrow if you don’t start today. Don’t dream of “hey once I’m thinner in the future I can fit into this dress” think”I need to fit into this dress so I must lose weight” constantly motivate yourself. Having a weight loss buddy and working together might often help you keep encouraged to keep going. You could also paste quotes around your room and fill you surroundings with constant reminders to work hard and exercise/maintain diet!

I am not a professional at weight loss and not all these methods may work for you. Your progress may be slower but I assure you with the right mindset and lifestyle you can finally get the body you dream for SO DO IT! Hehe goodluckπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ

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