Freed from the jump

Hmm only one way to put what has happened in the past week in words… “AHHHHH”. Let me start from well the start. *sighs* I had a camp and as awkward as it was with a whole knew sea of faces and names I was forced to remember because school just reopened, it was fun. There were quite a few things we did but honestly I’m still shaking from one of them. What was it? A death trap a literal suicide attempt. Canopy sky walk!!!! I was never too afraid of heights in fact bungee jumping is the top of my bucket list but seriously that was insane. While there was seriously no one on it but me, I climbed a high up netting and it’s actually harder than it seems but it didn’t really make my heart race. Though, I wished it didn’t shake so much. Then, I had to walk across one thin, tiny, long, fragile seeming (not really but I was scared it will break) rope that was laughing at my misery and yes that was petrifying. But luckily before I came to my senses I was done with it BUT…that wasn’t it. I ziplined back and God did I feel like I was accepting death as I had to willingly jump down from like 20(?)m off the ground…I’d say around a 15 story building… I’m not good at the topic of scale so hehe. Anyways it finally ended and thinking back it was SOOO COOL AGAIN! Alongside that I also did rock climbing where I being the clumsy self I am slipped like atleast 10 times but shhhhhh lets keep that a secret shall we? (Smilesss)I also trekked for 16 km -soul has left the body so welcome you are now reading a ghost’s blog- and I abseiled which was unexpectedly not that fun. I just went down a wall with a rope. Thought it might have been cooler but oh well. Personally dragon boating was the best part especially since we got to intentionally splash water on others even if they were strangers MUAHAHAHHAAH THE EVIL ZEE HAS BEEN UNLEASHED MUAHAHAHHAHA omgomg i know i know … Zevil (claps for myself like a lonely idiot) lame? Mianhae BUT ZEVIL IS COOL… Shut up zee pabo … Hehe sorry I’m weird deal with it 🙄Haha kidding or   Should I say Jung Kook cuz u know JK. Nvm. And my current obsession want to know what it is? Edm!!!! Song wise I have to say “I miss you” from love in the moonlight! It’s such a good song .. Pierced my heart. Even if you don’t like Kpop or kdrama  you should so hear it!!! Pweeeeseeee🙂It’s so good! I was in the verge of tears,strange cuz I didn’t even know what the lyrics meant. I guess that’s the power of music. With a soulful voice and melody it can move even a heartless human. Oh wellie! That’s all I guess and all the best for the new year Ya’ll. I hope you start anew and do your new year resolutions. I’ll have a post about the new year and my goals so waitywaity. Happy new year (late but yuppie) and since I feel like saying it happy birthday to anyone born today haha !

Zee is out.Peace.✌🏼️

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