First Post-Happy ‘V’irthday

Hey guys! So well i actually started this to give some advice about random things honestly and just rattle on about me life. Arg! Now I’m a pirate! who…”travel the world and the 7 seas” Haha. Well if the moon sat on a cucumber we would all be dead anyway so let me proceed…yes child continue…(nods) Anyways, today is Taehyunggie’s birthday YAY! Taetae from Bangtan a kpop group in case you didn’t know is really adorable and sweet. His smile brightens up my day so I guess I plan on dedicating this post to dear V, his stage name before the day special day ends.

Dear Taetae,

Thanks for being there to put a smile on everyone’s faces while caring and loving for BTS. Your cute little actions plus kind caring nature is truly admirable. Your angelic voice seriously calms the soul. Thank you for existing and happy ‘V’irthday!



Well I guess the first post kinda tells you a bit about me… an ARMY! But I’ll also post other things;) Anyways 30 dec…3 days till school…I honestly don’t know what to feel. Excited yet nervous…Hope things go well and my new years resolution list actually has at least one tick next to the hopes for 2017! Have a goodnight sleep and thanks for reading! (sends virtual hugs)


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